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Boosted Plus V3

Boosted Plus

In stock: Carved from the Original Boosted Board, The plus offers everything that riders love in the sleek original form.

  • 22 mph Top Speed
  • Extended Range (14 Miles)
  • Super Flex Composite Deck

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Carve and Cruise

Boosted Plus lets you cruise around and get where you need to go faster than ever before.                                          

- Super Flex Composite Deck

- 22mph Top Speed

- 85mm Wheels

Go Far

With 14 miles of range, you’ll be able to get where you’re going without worrying about your battery life.                                     

- 14 Mile Range

- Regenerative Brakes

- 25% Grade Hills

Built to Last

Boosted builds reliable products that are known for their amazing build quality.                                                                                     

- Precision Forged Trucks

- Tested for Everything


The New Classic

The Boosted Plus marks the beginning of a new chapter for Boosted. Using data gathered from years of in-house R&D and rider feedback, we’ve built Boosted Plus from the ground up. Every single component is designed and engineered specifically for the long-term demands of electric skateboarding. The all-new Super Flex composite deck retains the characteristic flex and deep carving capabilities Boosted is known for, now with even more strength and vibration dampening. Our custom-designed 85mm Stratus wheels exhibit a balanced flex profile to provide a secure, stable ride with just the right amount of grip and roll. With our industry-leading remote and firmware for safe, secure braking and instant acceleration, Boosted Plus is an instant classic.

  • Range:  Go up to 14 miles with the extended range battery.
  • Speed: Get there faster with a 22 mph top speed.
  • Hill Climbing: Climb a 25% grade hill without breaking a sweat.
  • Ride Modes: 4 ride modes, from Beginner to Expert.
  • Wheels: Boosted Stratus 85mm wheels deliver the highest roll speed of any Boosted board to date.
  • Deck: Super Flex composite deck retains the flex and feel for a super response ride.
  • Braking: Regenerative and reliable. Come to a smooth stop at any speed.
  • Remote: Ergonomic and Bluetooth® enabled. Control your speed with comfort and ease.


  • Range:     Up to 14 Miles
  • Top Speed:     Up to 22 mph
  • Hill Climbing:     Up to 25% Grade
  • Ride Modes:     4 Ride Modes
  • Weight:     17 lbs
  • Dimensions:     11.3 in (W), 38.0 in (L), 5.7 in (H)
  • Power:     2,000 Watts
  • Braking:     Regenerative Brakes
  • Deck:      Super Flex Composite Deck
  • Wheels:     Boosted Stratus 85mm

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