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Boosted Stealth

Boosted Stealth

Limited Stealths remaining. Order yours today to have it on time for the holidays!

The pinnacle of performance.  The Boosted Stealth is the fastest, cleanest and most powerful skateboard ever built. 

  • 24 mph Top Speed
  • Extended Range (14 Miles)
  • Super Flex Composite Deck
  • Free Shipping

Refurb Condition - Like new out of the box. Motors, guards, and wheels are all new. The deck might have light scuffs. Manuals not included. 60 day warranty applies. 

Used Condition - Battery, Motors, and belts operate perfectly.  The board will have signs of use including but not limited to: Packaging, motor guards, deck, and covers.  Used boards are sold as is,  our warranty does not apply.


Go Fast

Boosted Stealth isn’t just fast. It’s a premium performance board for riders who want a next-level experience.

- 24 mph Top Speed

- Hyper Mode

- 85mm Wheels

Go Anywhere

Explore your city on a whole new level, and get wherever you need to go (and back again) with 14 miles of range.

- 14 Mile Range

- Regenerative Brakes

- 25% Hill Grade

Built to last

Boosted builds reliable products that are known for their amazing build quality.                                                                                 

- Super Flex Composite Deck

- Precision Forged Trucks

- Tested for Everything


The pinnacle of performance

Stealth is the high-performance electric longboard you’ve been dreaming of, built from the ground up with attention to detail at every turn, including a new ride mode, exclusive to Stealth, with higher top speed and lightning-fast acceleration. The deck’s construction has been re-imagined utilizing techniques developed in snowboard manufacturing to deliver a more refined ride feel, while retaining the flex, vibration absorption, and deep carving capabilities Boosted riders have come to love. With a focus on the rigors of daily commuting, we’ve upgraded the drivetrain with CNC precision machined trucks. Stealth comes stock with Boosted’s new, custom-designed 85mm Stratus wheels. For the ultimate in electric skateboard technology and performance, look no further than Boosted Stealth.

  • Hill Climbing: Climb a 25% grade with speed and ease.
  • Ride Modes: 5 ride modes, including the all-new Hyper mode, exclusive to Boosted Stealth.
  • Wheels: Boosted Stratus 85mm wheels deliver the highest roll speed of any Boosted board to date.
  • Deck: Super Flex composite deck offers the perfect mix of flex and feel for an extremely responsive ride.
  • Brakes: Regenerative and reliable. Come to a smooth stop at any speed.
  • Remote: Ergonomic and Bluetooth™ enabled. Control your speed with comfort and ease.


  • Range:     Up to 14 Miles
  • Top Speed:     Up to 24 mph
  • Hill Climbing:     Up to 25% Grade
  • Ride Modes:     5 Ride Modes
  • Weight:     17 lbs
  • Dimensions:     11.3 in (W), 38.0 in (L), 5.7 in (H)
  • Power:     2,100 Watts
  • Braking:     Regenerative Brakes
  • Deck:     Super Flex Composite Deck
  • Wheels:     Boosted Stratus 85mm

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