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Super73 S Adventure Series

Get ready to conquer any terrain with the redesigned S Adventure Series electric bike from Super73. This cross-terrain conqueror combines classic styling and heritage with a gritty twist, featuring an elongated seat and downtube-mounted battery for a sleek yet rugged design.

The moto-inspired seat provides plenty of room to get into the perfect position, ensuring you stay comfortable on all your journeys. With an 8-speed cassette, the S Adventure Series has extra power to tackle even the gnarliest hills. Plus, the battery has been repositioned to the lower downtube to keep its center of gravity low, allowing for a longer seat and additional room for riders to move as they cruise.

All models come equipped with the McFly handlebar, except for the Snowshadow SE, which features a lower-profile Blain handlebar. Get ready to ride with a new twist on a classic with the S Adventure Series from Super73.

Panthro Blue
Snow Camo SE
Corsetti SE

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