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Evolve 38 T Drive Gear Upgrade Kit

Trade off some top speed, and increase the acceleration of your GT/GTR/Stoke boards with this gear set. Offering around 20% more torque, this will allow you to run bigger wheels, climb steeper inclines and increase the braking power available.

Kit includes:
2 x 38 Tooth Drive Gears (inc. Drive Bearings)
2 x 38 Tooth Drive Belts

Compatible only with the Evolve GT/GTR/Stoke Series boards with the following wheels:

Evolve GT Wheels (any size)
Abec11 -Flywheels (any size), F1's, and SuperFlys OR Orangatang Kegels, Caguamas, and Boas

Please be aware, this gear has a significant increase to the acceleration on our boards. Please use carefully as the higher speed modes can allow the board to accelerate much faster, and increase the risk of an unexpected fall.

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