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Super73 Reversible Cargo Platform

Turn your Super73 into a pickup truck (well, almost). This strong metal cargo platform is a genius design. First, it features secure tiedown points along three edges, as well as strap slots. Next—and here’s the really smart part—it’s reversible. With the rail side up, it holds small packages securely. Flip it over with the rail side down and you can carry bigger boxes or odd-shaped loads. Our Reversible Cargo Platform mounts directly onto our SUPER73-R Series, S2, and ZX/Z Miami Rear Racks for attachment.

  • Attaches to your existing Super73 rear rack
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Attaching points for bungee cords, tie-down straps, etc.
  • Reversible mounting
  • Perfect for both personal and delivery fleet bikes


  • L: 17.4in. W: 15in. H: 1.6in.

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