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Super73 R Adventure Series

Get ready to take on any adventure with the redesigned R-Adventure Series electric bike from Super73. This cross-terrain conqueror comes standard with an 8-speed cassette, providing extra power to tackle even the gnarliest hills.

The R Adventure's moto-inspired seat provides plenty of room to get into the perfect riding position, ensuring you stay comfortable even on your longest rides, regardless of terrain or conditions. The battery has been repositioned to the lower downtube to keep its center of gravity low, allowing for a longer seat and additional room for riders to move as they cruise.

All models come equipped with the McFly handlebar, except for the Snowshadow SE, which features a lower-profile Blain handlebar. Get ready to ride with power, comfort, and style with the R-Adventure Series from Super73.

Panthro Blue
Corsetti SE

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