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ZX (Core) - Super73 Electric Bike

The SUPER73-ZX is the larger version of our Z1 and Z models and stands as one of SUPER73’s most comfortable bikes to date. We’ve reimagined this classic ride with a few exciting upgrades for 2024. Each model now features a brand new battery system that allows you to customize your range and power output! We also threw in a 480 Wh UL-compliant removable battery, a bright 48v headlight so that you can turn any commute into a thrilling adventure.

NOTE: Stock light is only available on Panthro at this time

Top Speed | Classes 1/2 20+MPH* Class 3/Off-Road: 28+ MPH* 

Range | 25-35 miles*
*25+ miles of range at 20mph under Class-2 throttle-only operation

Charge Time | 5 hrs

Battery | 480Wh (48V 10Ah)

Motor | 600w nominal

Throttle | Thumb Throttle

Gearing & Rear Derailleur | Single Speed

Vehicle Weight | 62 lbs

Length x Width x Height | 68" x 27.5" x 42"

Rider Weight Limit | 325 lbs

Seat Height | 31"

Frame | Aluminum

Suspension (if applicable) | Rigid

Brakes | Mechanical

Tires | Trooper / 4" Front and Rear (Panthro Blue), LZRD / 4.5" Front / 5" Rear (Obsidian, Metallic Aluminum, Prickly Pink, Sriracha)

Inner Tubes | 20" x 4.5/5"

Head Light | Yes (Panthro Blue), No (Obsidian, Metallic Aluminum, Prickly Pink, Sriracha)

Tail Light | Yes (Panthro Blue), No (Obsidian, Metallic Aluminum, Prickly Pink, Sriracha)

Horn | No



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