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Evolve Motor Plate

Replacement motor plate for Evolve Skateboards.  


  • 1 x CNC Motor Plate  


  • 3000w: Hadean and GTR2
  • 1500w: Stoke 2, GTR1, Stoke 1, GT, GTX and GT ONE


Please find instructions below on Removing/Installing a Motor.

  1. Ensure the board is off.
  2. Remove the P-clips on the rear base plate by undoing the relevant nuts & bolts (not applicable to Hadean/GTR2).
  3. Disconnect the motor connectors.
  4. Remove the wheel, belt cover, belt and drive gear.
  5. Remove the four screws holding the motor in place and remove the motor from the board. The bolt head size is 1/8 inch, and the correct allen key is provided with every board.
  6. To install the new motor, repeat the steps in reverse. Be sure to set your belt tension correctly, and Contact us if you have questions.

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