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Evolve GTR2 & Hadean All Terrain Conversion Kits

Tired of the beaten path? Then blaze your own with the Evolve AT!

In mere minutes you can swap your street set up to the all terrain, and charge on where the road ends!

For something smaller and easily maneuverable, the 6 inch setup is a must try! So is the 7 Inch! These tires are perfect for tight turns and designed for city slicking

If you want to venture off the beaten path, you can’t go past the 7 inch tires for the best traction! You will see footpaths as purely optional, gravel tracks will become rally stages, and that group of grassy hills will morph into a never-ending set of rolling surf breaks! 

 Compatible ONLY with GTR2 & Hadean Series boards.

Includes: 4x complete Evolve Pneumatic Tires (Inc tires, inner tubes & Bat Black hubs), 2x Drive Gears, 2x Drive Belts, 2x Belt Covers & 1x Complete set of Precision Ceramic Bearings


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