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Evolve/Gates Motor Gear (Set of 2)

Evolve have partnered with Gates to make all our motor gears!

This gear is designed to work with our GT3 Gates/Evolve belts and offers impeccable strength and quality.  Compatible with all Evolve boards.


  • 15T
  • 5M GT3 profile to match our Evolve / Gates belts
  • Gates formula hardened steel
  • Fits all Evolve motor shafts
  • Precision Engineering
  • Incudes 2 x Gates motor gears

 Installation: Remove old gear with a heat gun to break the seal of the older glue.  When installing the new Gates gear, use Loctite Medium strength when installing on the motor shaft, allow to dry for 4-5 hours before using.  

 ** Does not include grub screws (you can use your old ones) 

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