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Evolve GTR Series 2 Carbon 2 in 1

2-IN-1 Set Up - Street and All Terrain ready!

With this set up you’ll get everything you need - wheels, belts, gears, and covers - to transform a street board to an all-terrain or vice versa and ride it on any terrain. Easily swap out wheels in around 5 minutes.

The NEW Carbon GTR Series 2 is the latest in tech and skate!

Evolve Skateboards designed the world’s first carbon fibre electric skateboard in 2013 and has continued to lead the industry in innovation ever since. The legacy lives on with the GTR Carbon Series 2.

The Tech

Handmade from 100% Carbon fibre, the GTR deck beautifully conceals the most intelligent electric system Evolve has ever produced. The Series 2 introduces Bluetooth FOC control to the GTR, providing a new level of instant power and ultra-smooth acceleration and braking performance, placing the ultimate in intuitive riding control in your hands. Our lithium-ion Power Flex battery technology will provide you with a real-world range of up to 50km per charge with street wheels, turning any road or path into the endless wave of your dreams. Now with powerful dual 6000W rated 6368 motors driving your choice of our made-in-USA Evolve 97mm inline race formula wheels OR 7 inch all terrain pneumatic tyres, smooth yet responsive performance is at the heart of this machine.


DECK MATERIAL: Highest grade Carbon Fibre. Each deck is hand made.

DECK LENGTH: 101cm / 39inch

WHEEL BASE (AXLE TO AXLE): 94cm / 37inch

TRUCKS: Evolve Super Carve Trucks - Forged/CNC & Cast components - 30.6cm (12") width, 8mm axles

WHEELS: Evolve 7" pneumatic all terrain wheels. Also compatible with our street kit which fits the Evolve GT wheel range, 85mm Orangatang Caguamas and the 107mm Evolve/Abec 11 F1 wheels.

MOTOR: Dual 3000w-rated 6368 custom brushless sensored motors

MOTOR CONTROLLER/ESC: Evolve Custom Dual-Motor Driver, FOC motor commutation, Bluetooth connection & adjustable acceleration curves

BEARINGS: Evolve Precision Ceramic Bearings

BATTERY: 14AH, 504WH, 10S4P, 18650 Cells

RECHARGE: 4 - 5hrs

REMOTE: Evolve Phaze remote with CNC aluminium-reinforced body

RANGE: Street: 31 miles; All Terrain: 19 miles

TOP SPEED: Street: 27mph; All Terrain: 24mph

MAX LOAD: 100kg / 220lb

WEIGHT: Street: 23.3lbs; All Terrain: 25.3lbs

SUITABLE TERRAIN: Short grass, dirt, gravel, roads and footpaths

SLIDES: Offroad yes, not recommend on sealed surfaces

HILLS: 30% +

BRAKING: FOC regenerative braking with smooth engagement and adjustable brake curves

AESTHETICS: Triple matt black low profile. The bat mobile of electric skateboards.

Glow in the Dark
CaliRides 105's
Boa Constrictor 100mm Blue
Boa Constrictor 100mm White
Ice Blue
Ice Green
Ice Orange
Caguama Blue 85mm 77a
Caguama Orange 85mm 80a
Caguama Purple 85mm 83a

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