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InMotion Electric Unicycle - V8F

We have been riding , selling and teaching newbies with the V8 model since the beginning. This is the go to first electric unicycle for most everyone. The V8f is the same model with longer distance and more power than the original. If you want to get something that is going to survive the learning curve and is a blast to ride - this is for you.

If you are under 200lbs - The V8F is a great starter EUC. If you are over 200 please consider the V10 - F

Spec this out!

Battery Range: 30-35 miles maximum (518Wh, 84V)

Top Speed: 22 mph

Wheel Size: 16" x 2.125"

Motor: 1000W nominal, 2000W peak

Hill Climbing: rated for 30 degrees slope

Weight Limit: 260 lbs max structural load. Note that speed, range, and climbing performance is reduced at heavier loads. Riders over 200 lbs will experience improved performance on V10F

Weather Resistant: IP55 rated means you can ride in wet weather

Retractable built-in handle: Never get stuck carrying your ride!

Front and Rear Lights, responsive to braking

Side LED lights: Fully customized within the InMotion App, can be turned off with or without the app

Intelligent Safety Tilt Back and audio warnings prevent you from pushing V8F past mechanical limitations based on available power.

Bluetooth: available for data connection to InMotion App

Sound: Built-in speaker for system events (customizable in app) and safety warnings

Ride Mode: Choose from Classic or Comfort modes with pedal sensitivity adjustment to customize exactly how you like your V8F to feel

Built-in Leg Pads: similar to V10

Pedals: Larger 9.5" magnesium alloy pedals with rubber cushion and grip tape - same as V10

Weight: 32 lbs

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