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Evolve GT/GTR Series All Terrain Drive Gear

Get the perfect ride with our Replacement All-Terrain Drive Gears for Evolve Electric Skateboards. These precision-moulded drive gears come in 47T and 66T options to suit all-terrain boards. Replace a worn gear or customize your ride with the perfect set-up. 

Standard Set Ups

  • 66T Drive Gear for GT-001 Belt (7" Tires)
  • 47T Drive Gear for GT-006 Belt (6" Tires)


  • Surge / 66T (Hadean)
  • Relay / 66T (GTR and GT)
  • Relay / 47T (GTR and GT)

* Please note, 47t not suitable for 7" tires.  The price is for one gear only.*


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