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Loomenade Halo Amber Headlight Kit for Super73

The Loomenade Halo Headlight features a bright white halo & cool white high and low beam.

RX, S2, and Adventure Series models connect to the OEM headlight plug. Other models will have an included battery for power.

Cree LED - 3000lm/5000lm

Loomenade 6inch Halo Headlight
Handlebar switch for high/low beam (all lights include both settings + DRL)
Premium CNC Mounting hardware made to size for your bike model.
R, ZX, Z-Miami, and other motorbike models include an external TalentCell battery pack, note battery pack is not waterproof.
Needed for the installation:

Adjustable wrench, 2.5mm, 4mm & 5mm hex key

Super 73 Model

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