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LZRD Tire 20in x 5in, Override (Single Tire)

The LZRD is a modern street tire made for extended-range commuting. This tire was designed with micro-knurling to improve cornering grip while balancing extended tire life. Available in a 20in. x 5in. width and puncture-resistant override.

  • Micro-knurled surface texture for maximum grip
  • Patented channeled all weather on-road tread pattern
  • Center "Speed Strip" pattern for straight line speed and efficiency

*Inner tubes not included.

            Compatible with:
            • SUPER73-RX Mojave
            • SUPER73-R Brooklyn
            • SUPER73-RX
            • SUPER73-R
            • RSD X SUPER73-RX Malibu
            • SUPER73-S2
            • SUPER73-Z Miami
            • SUPER73-ZX
            • SUPER73-Z1
            • SUPER73-Z Adventure Series
            • SUPER73-S Adventure Series
            • SUPER73-R Adventure Series

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