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Shredlights SL-300+/R1+ Combo Pack

The SL-300+ and SL-R1+ are compact smart lights that are the ultimate night riding companions. Control your lights wirelessly via Bluetooth, syncing them to the app and each other. Adjust brightness with ease with up to 300 lumens per light. Stay visible with 3 flash modes and Group Sync, keeping all lights flashing in unison for added safety. Use Brake Mode to automatically let others know that you're slowing down. Compatible with any S-LOCK mounts, they’re easy to install on any of your rides. Enjoy the convenience of Auto on/off and never press a button again. Order now and ride safer and brighter!


  • Wireless Control: Pair light-to-app and light-to-light via bluetooth
  • Brightness Levels: SL-300+ = 0-300 lumens | SL-R1+ = 0-40 lumens
  • Rechargeable Battery: Charge in 2 hours via USB-C
  • Battery Life: SL-300+ = 2 hours (min) - 20 hours (max) | SL-R1+ = 6 hours (min) - 60 hours (max)
  • 3 Flash Modes: Slow, Fast & Burst
  • Group Sync: Synchronize flash modes across multiple lights
  • 4 Brake Modes (SL-R1+ only): Constant/Brake, Slow Flash/Brake, Fast Flash/Brake, Burst Flash/Brake
  • S-LOCK Mounting: Compatible with any S-LOCK mounts
  • Compact Size: 1" x 3" x 1" | 50 grams per light
  • Auto on/off: Turn lights on with motion and off when motion stops for 2 minutes


  • • 2 x SL-300+
    • 2 x SL-R1+
    • 4 x Skateboard Mounts (Specify Mini-S/Mini-X or V2, Plus or STEALTH)
    • 2 x Dual USB-C Charging Cable
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    • 1 Year Full Coverage Warranty(2) White SL-300 Lights
  • (2) Red SL-R1 Lights
  • (2) Dual Micro USB Charging Cables
  • (2) Pairs of mounts (1 front standard and 1 rear mount of your choice)
  • (3) ShredLights Stickers
  • 90 Day Warranty

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